Saturday, 3 April 2010

Discovery and Construction of Authors’ Profile from Linked Data

This looks useful and relevant. No idea where I found it, will dig it out later.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

The Next Sprint

Before I tidy up the code so far (it's a mess trust me) ... the next Sprint will be all about integration. The reason for this is that it's all very well having a noodley toy with which people can browse and explore and vanity surf but unless it is integrated into a tool that someone uses very regularly then it will never have the chance to prove itself.

The tool we will be using as a collaborative platform will be because ...

  • it has a plethora of tools, wikis, blogs, discussions, events etc
  • it has a lovely UI
  • it is written in Plone and python is my tool of choice
My work following Easter will look something like this...
  • Find out more about Plone (I've bought a book :-)
  • Create a script that inserts objects into the ZODB (in this case events crawled from the University site)
  • Create a new "content type"... I would quite like to create a "Location" object. 
  • Create (or install) an RSS reader so we can add tweets, feed etc. 
  • See if there's a LATEX option for the kinky scientists
  • Make a portlet to display this stuff
  • Lighten the overall look n feel.
  • Make a "content parser" so that key terms in a taxonomy can be automatically replaced (e.g. SIPIG (a commitee), VC011 (my room number) and dps4 (my boss) with links to the relevant items.
  • Create (or install) a JSON reader so that we can potentially dynamically find "related people" and display them on peoples' profiles
That looks like two weeks work to me (or more).... I may be gone sometime...